Kingship and Religion in Tibet

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Lewis Doney (Postdoctoral Researcher, 2011–2014), Fellow in the Zukunftphilologie Project at Freie Universität Berlin.

Brandon Dotson (group director, 2010-2015), Associate Professor of Buddhist Studies at Georgetown University.

Dukarkyi (research associate, 2014-2015), PhD candidate at School of Tibetan Studies, Minzu University of Beijing.

Dongzhi Duojie / Dorje Thondup (Visiting Researcher, March 2012 to March 2013), Professor of historical linguistics at Northwest Nationalities University in Lanzhou, China.

Ruth Gamble (postdoctoral researcher, 2014-2015), Research Associate at Australian National University.

Emanuela Garatti is Doctoral Researcher.

Nathan Hill (Visiting Researcher, fall 2011), Lecturer in Tibetan and Linguistics, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

Daniel A. Hirshberg (Postdoctoral Researcher, Sep 2013–July 2014), Assistant professor of religion at the University of Mary Washington.

Iwao Ishikawa (Visiting Researcher, Dec 2012 to Dec 2013), Researcher at the Eastern Institute in Tokyo and at Chuo University.

Cuilan Liu (postdoctoral researcher, 2014-2015), Andrew Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Asian Studies, McGill University.

Nathan McGovern (postdoctoral researcher, 2014-2015), Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, University of Wisconsin Whitewater.

Gergely Orosz (Doctoral Researcher, 2011–2014) is completing his PhD thesis at LMU on the tale of Drigum Tsenpo and its relation to genealogy and royal legitimation.

Yangmotso (postdoctoral researcher, 2014-2015), Lecturer at School of Tibetan Studies, Minzu University of Beijing.