Kingship and Religion in Tibet

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Merkmals and Mirages 

Dating (Old) Tibetan Writing

IBZ, Amalienstrasse 38, München




Monday 25 June



9.30 Registration


10.00 Brandon Dotson (LMU) - Opening remarks


Opening remarks and Session 1 chaired by Jens-Uwe Hartmann (LMU)

10:15 Helga Uebach (Bayerische Akademie, retired) - Palaeographic Notes: The two lHo-brag and the two rKong-po inscriptions


11.00 Stefan Baums (LMU) - The Paleography and Orthography of Emergent Writing Systems: A comparison of Kharoṣṭhī and Tibetan


11.45 Break


Session 2 chaired by Franz-Karl Ehrhard (LMU)—continues after lunch

12.05 Amy Heller (CNRS) - Old Tibetan Handwriting and its Support: Textiles, stone, metal, wood


12.50 Lunch


2.00 Cathy Cantwell and Robert Mayer (Oxford) - Situating a Dunhuang Tantric Manuscript: IOL Tib J 321


2.45 Break


Session 3 chaired by Brandon Dotson

3.05 Matthew T. Kapstein (EPHE) - Some 12th-16th Century Works Conserved in Eastern Tibet: Questions bearing on the dating and provenance of the manuscripts


3.50 Dorji Wangchuk (Hamburg) - On Relative Dating of Tibetan Texts and Terms: Taking the typology of rig ’dzin as a case study





6.00 Women in Buddhism Lecture: Dr. Carola Roloff (Bhiksuni Jampa Tsedroen), Universität Hamburg: „Die Erneuerung buddhistischer Nonnenorden und ihre Implikation für moderne Gesellschaften“—F007, LMU Main building (HGB)




Tuesday 26 June


Session 4 chaired by Jens-Uwe Hartmann

9:30 Nathan W. Hill (SOAS) - Grammatical Change as Signifier to Date Tibetan Documents


10:15 Kazushi Iwao (Kobe City University of Foreign Studies) - Dating the Manuscripts of the Annals and Chronicle in Dunhuang


11.00 Break


Session 5 chaired by Nathan Hill–continues after lunch

11.20 Brandon Dotson (LMU) - Inscribe, Transcribe, Describe: Preliminary results of the Kingship and Religion in Tibet research project’s work on dating Tibetan writing


12:05 Tsuguhito Takeuchi (Kobe City University of Foreign Studies) - Various Merkmals for Dating Old Tibetan Texts—from extratextual to textual


12:50 Lunch


2:00 Sam van Schaik (British Library) - Manuscripts, Scribes and Rituals: An examination of PT 116


2:45 Break


Session 6 chaired by Franz-Karl Ehrhard

3:05 Agnieszka Helman-Wazny (Hamburg) - Mapping the Past: Extra-textual merkmals for dating of the Tibetan manuscripts from Dunhuang


3.50 Jacob Dalton (Berkeley) - Observations on the Relationships between the STTS-Based Sādhanas from Dunhuang



4.35 Respondent, Stefan Baums (LMU)—introduced by Brandon Dotson