Kingship and Religion in Tibet

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Kingship and Religion in Tibet Panel

13th Seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies
Ulaanbaatar, 21-27 July 2013


Nathan Hill
The sku-bla and its cult

Emanuela Garatti
Kingship ideology in Sino-Tibetan diplomacy during the VII–IX centuries

Yumiko Ishihama
The Dalai Lama as the cakravartin rāja manifested by Avalokiteśvara

Lewis Doney
Bodhisattva-kingship in early Tibetan historical sources

Martin Mills
The karma of kingship and democracy: moral solidarities in Tibetan constitutional thought

Brandon Dotson
The king and the sangha in late imperial Tibet: a record of a layman's vow-taking

Fran Ayllón
Authorizing compositional profiles in the tales of Dri gum btsan po

Carl Yamamoto
"Only kingly deeds": the early Tshal pa Bka' brgyud pa and the symbolism of kingship

Gergely Orosz
King Dri gum's sons: a technique of legitimation in the Tibetan historical tradition

Victoria Sujata
The origin myth of the first Tibetan king: influences and alterations, priorities and prejudice

Iwao Ishikawa
A myth of the Tibetan Kingship in comparative perspective—the legend of Gri-gum Btsan-po and the myth of Osiris